Our Team

Comprised of client servicing experts, project managers, business analysts, developers, testers and trainers, the team at INFOSYSTA combines professionalism, creativity and dedication with years of hands-on industry experience.

We value communication and productive collaboration. We aspire to build lasting relationships with our clients, and to exceed expectations in all aspects of client interaction and delivery.

Whether seeking expert advice, purchasing App4Daycare, or embarking on a custom-made development, our team is there to listen and help you work out the right solutions for your needs and make sure they are implemented to optimal results.

We provide you with ongoing support, from initial audit, to implementation, integration, training, and maintenance of App4Daycare.

App4Daycare is designed to help Daycares staff and Managers to enhance the collaboration and increase the productivity by tracking crucial information in a secure environment. INFOSYSTA is a certified Atlassian Expert & Partner, and Gold Partner of Oracle. We guarantee the safe purchase of software and licenses, and ensure their proper implementation, training, maintenance and support.

Feel free to contact us today for more information about App4Daycare.