The Best Way to Manage
Your Daycare

Gather your data with unlimited number of Children. Manage the Invoices and Bills of your Daycare and more…



An integrated Mobile App with Active reporting

An amazing Mobile app that lets the Parents view their Children’s Photos and Daily Reports sent from the Teacher Zone and more.



A Handy Teacher Zone for iPads and Tablets

For the Teachers to build Daily Reports, record Temperature, upload Pictures on the fly and more…

App4Daycare - Your Ultimate Daycare Software

User Friendly

Very simple. Very intuitive. Designed for Childcare. Quick trainings. Available in

Gather Your Data

Gather Children, Parents, Contacts, Staff, Tickets, Tasks, Money, Reminders & more. Generate Reports. Share Notes.

On-Server / On-Demand

Web-based. Quick Installation. Easy Administration. Available in the Cloud or on your Servers. The choice is yours.

High security

Highly secured behind the firewall using recent security technologies and encrypting.


An Integrated Solution to Innovate your Daycare Team

Child File
Manage your Children data, Parents, Related Docs, Siblings, Medical Info, Habits, Services, Related Invoices. Export your data & more.
Parent File
Manage you Parents data with quick & advanced Search Engines, Address, Related Docs. Export your data & more.
Mobile App
An integrated intuitive mobile app for smart phones for parents to track Daily Reports, Pictures, Events and more on daily basis.
Teacher Zone
With the Mobile App. the Parents/Caretakers can view the Children's Daily Reports, Images & more that are fed via the Teacher Zone.
Staff File
Manage you Staff data with quick & advanced Search Engines, Payroll, Salaries, Related Docs. Export your data & more.
Contact Management
Centralize your contact data with quick & advanced Search Engines. Add on the fly. Export your data & more.
Ticket Management
Manage your Daycare Projects in the form of Tickets. Build your Ticket Workflow. Categorize them & estimate Efforts. Track Notes History. Put Reminders & more.
Document Management
Upload/Map your folders & all types of Documents. Add Comments. Categorize your Documents and manage your Templates with a powerful Search Engine.
Time Tracking
Track your time spent on Tickets, Tasks or other. Build your Reports to estimate the Effective Efforts of your team.
Share your Calendar with your colleagues for a better Visibility & Collaboration. Schedule Events, Invite Guests, Notify your Colleagues & more.
Task Management
Build your team’s to-do list. Configure your tasks lifecycle to fit into your Business Processes. Manage your Priorities, Due Dates, Resources & more.
Money Management
Track your money in & money out. Build your KPIs. Generate your Invoices and record Payments. Visualize your P&L records in useful charts & more.
Universal Search
A powerful Search Engine on top of all App4Daycare Records, Children, Parents, Staff, Tickets, Tasks, Reminders, Related Documents & more.
Notification System
Be notified on time of important events and actions. Meet your tasks punctually by setting your Alarms. Achieve the daycare team tasks on time.
Visualize your Work in a 360-degree View. Customize your Dashboard to fit into your needs. Select your Reports and Indicators to monitor the Global Activity.
A complete Reporting Module to generate your different Reports for management & follow-up needs. Build your KPIs for your Internal Assessment & more.