Gather your Data in
One Single Place

Gather your Data, Documents, Children, Parents, Staff, Contacts, Tickets, Tasks, Reminders, Time, Expenses, Invoices, Clients, Suppliers & more in one single Accessible Place. Along with a Teacher Zone, a teacher can insert daily records.

Re-engineer your Business Process & build your Workflow

Fine-tune your Ticket & Task lifecycles to implement your business processes in App4Daycare. Setup your Ticket & Task Statuses easily. Assign Default values. Add, edit or remove steps from your workflow for a better monitoring.

Access your Data Anytime, Anywhere!

Access App4Daycare Database from any device or tablet. All you need is a modern browser. Internally, on your server, you may access it from your Intranet network or, externally, via a secure connection. On demand, you may access it online over Internet.


Manage Registration Processes

Manage Child Basic Data, Medical Information, Habits, Services and more . Manage Parent related information. Generate regular reports and KPIs of the Daycare activity.

Feed the Mobile Application data

Manage the Mobile App Users accounts. Update the timely Calendar, menu and pictures of Children. Generate Announcements to the mobile application users.

Manage Daily Reporting and Activities

Manage the Daily Reports and Absence Lists. Record daily activities of your daycare in the form of Tickets. Assign Tasks and follow up on the schedule.

Schedule Meetings

Manage App4Daycare shared Calendar for a better collaboration. Schedule your Team Events. Manage Parents' Appointments & more.


Manage Money in/Money out

Manage the Staff’s Salaries, Payrolls and more. Manage Bank Accounts, the Accounts of Clients and the Accounts of Suppliers. Monitor the Credit and Debit transactions associated to every account. Generate regular reports.

Manage Chart         of Accounts

Manage the Staff (user, bank accounts, salaries, payrolls and more). Manage the Accounts of Clients and Suppliers. Monitor the Credit and Debit transactions associated to every account.


All your Data in One single Place

Track your Daycare Data in one single accessible place. Access your database anytime & anywhere. Download the needed documents on the fly and much more

Enhance Collaboration

Modernize your Business Processes and build a Self-Service Solution to enhance Collaboration among your team members. Assign Cases & Tasks by Type, Priority and Due Date. Balance the load of your Resources.

Increase Productivity

Assign Tickets & Tasks to staff. Follow on your Dashboard in order to facilitate the tasks & to deliver on-time. Remove the bottleneck behavior & control the delegation.

Full control & Monitoring, KPIs & more

Setup your Dashboard, Ticket Board and Task Board in order to get a 360-degree over on the team activity. Run your regular reports for the internal assessment. Build your Key Performance Indicators, KPIs and more…


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